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Seven Things To Do In Dubrovnik, Croatia

So Croatia has piqued your interest! Here I am to provide you with seven things to do in Dubrovnik that will have you sold. First I want to give a little bit of my own take on Dubrovnik. It was one of the cleanest places I have ever visited, the people were all lovely and it just had such a positive and free air about it. I believe it is a destination one will visit over and over again as it so enjoyable.

!As of November 2021 the current travel advice in place when entering Croatia (in relation to Covid-19) is that you are required to show proof of vaccination (not older than 365 days), a negative antigen test (no more than 48 hours in advance), a negative PCR test (no more than 72 hours in advance) or a doctors certificate of recovery from Covid-19. You will also need to complete an online entry form, which can be found here!

Spend The Day Wandering Around Old Town Dubrovnik

Of course this would be top of the list how can you not have a wander around the old town, surrounded by medieval walls, it is almost maze like inside every turn leads you to something mesmerising. Definitely pick up a map as you may find yourself going round in circles. Old town Dubrovnik is your one stop shop for all things to souvenirs, gelato, jewellery, art and historical buildings. It is bustling with restaurants and you'll have too much choice but you can't go wrong with that! From day to night this a hot spot and definitely worth a visit. You can choose to have guided tour around the old town or just amble along on your own. We opted for just exploring ourselves.

Walk The Walls

Whilst you are in the old town, this is definitely an activity you should do. With access to the walls you are able to walk along the top of the old town and marvel at it and the Adriatic Sea from a great height. You will need about 2 hours to complete the walk, however if you do get tired there are few exit points along the way, where you can leave and rejoin at a later time. The walls are 1940 metres long and have 6 fortresses. If you are a Game Of Thrones fan these walls were one of the filming locations. There isn't any shade up this high so be prepared to bring a hat and a drink although there are numerous rest stops selling drinks along the wall. Ensure you have on a pair of comfortable shoes, as well there being a lot of walking, when you combine it with the cobble stones and steep stairs it makes the most sense.

Take A Ride In A Dubrovnik Cable Car

Ahh yes, who can refuse a cable car ride right? Although a short journey the cable cars provide brilliant views of the old town and the sea and is most popular during sunset and you can imagine why. The journey time is roughly 4 minutes but once you reach the top of Mount Srd you can see why it is such a popular attraction. Mount Srd is located 415 metres above the sea level so you can just imagine how incredible the views are. With just one restaurant up at the top (Panorama) it is an ideal lunch or dinner stop, but be prepared to book in advance as they have no competition they are often fully booked. Once you're on the mountain, there is also a quad bike adventure you can go on.

Explore The Elaphite Islands With A Boat Tour

We all love a boat tour right? So whilst you're visiting Dubrovnik, this offers a change of scenery. There are multiple tour companies offering this tour so you'll definitely be able to ensure a ticket. I happened to book it through GetYourGuide and thought it was a great choice. During this tour you visit three islands, these are Lopud, Koločep and Šipan.

The first stop is Lopud. A small car free island, where you have the most time to explore. There are botanical gardens, beautiful sandy beaches, a number of churches, the ruins of a fortress and more. At this first stop before heading to the next island, we had lunch on the boat which was included. You had the choice of grilled chicken or grilled fish with potato salad, with a bottle of local wine.

The second stop on the tour was Šipan, the largest of the islands, also referred to as the island of Olives, figs and vineyards. It offers the chance to hike, cycle, swim and explore. There are also numerous independent businesses selling olive oil and wine.

Koločep was the final island on the tour, the smallest of the three islands. This island again is great for swimming. This is where the Blue Cave is located. As this was our last stop of the day, after a brief walk around we settled at a restaurant and soaked up the sun before heading back to the port.

Find A Beach To Relax On

Take a morning or day depending on how much you love relaxing on a beach to enjoy the beauty of the Dalmatian coast. It shouldn't be very hard to find a beach to set yourself up on as Dubrovnik is home to numerous beaches all having something different to offer. From pebbly beaches surrounded by cliffs, soft sand beaches to secluded beaches with calm and clear water. A few worth mentioning are Betina Cave Beach, this beach can only be accessed by the sea, so either a kayak or a boat is your best bet for getting here. Another is Coral Beach Club and lastly Beach Pasjaca, this beach is one of the most interesting with high red rock walls and a steep descent you find yourself at one of the most picturesque beaches.

Get Adventurous With Sea Kayaking

No matter what time of day when you find yourself looking out to the sea you are bound to see people kayaking. So why not get involved. There are numerous kayaking tours you can do and its best to pick one you feel best suits you. You can combine a kayaking tour with snorkelling. With these tours you can get a different perspective of Dubrovnik and visit places in a less conventional way. There are opportunities to do sunset kayaking too.

Venture Further Out With A Day Trip To Neighbouring Montenegro

If you have extra days that you haven't planned anything for and have the urge to roam a little further why not consider a day trip to Montenegro. With only a 2 hour drive to the Croatian/Montenegrin border, you get tick off another country visit and with a tour company they include a boat tour and the chance to explore the old town of Kotor. Once you've finished up in Kotor the next stop of the day is the town of Perast, described to have Venice like architecture. Other tours include white water rafting on Tara River and visits to Cetinje and Budva.

If after reading this you're not even more excited about booking that next trip to Dubrovnik, I'd be surprised! Feel free to let me know in the comments what activity you'll be adding to your list and even share one I haven't mentioned!

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