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Snapshots From Vancouver, Canada

A visual summary of my most recent trip to Vancouver, Canada. These photos were all taken on an Iphone.

Recently, I returned to Vancouver, one of my favourite cities to a.) attend a wedding and b.) explore even more of this incredible city.

The city is so unique in the sense that it has so many sides to it. Mountain ranges, beaches, bustling city, it's home to it all. Despite having visited this city a number three times already, it still feels as if there’s so much of it left to see and I just love that about it.

On this trip, I got to see so many more parts of Vancouver that I didn’t see the first few times I visited. I made sure I visited some old favourites from previous trips and took the time to really just fall in love with the city all over again.

Anyway, here’s something of a visual story of what I got up to in Vancouver.

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