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Travelling Solo Post-Lockdown? These Are Five Must Visit Destinations!

You've taken the leap to travel solo, but you're stuck on where to go. Now you're looking for some inspiration? Well look no farther. Travelling solo isn't an easy decision to make, so I'm here to make it that much easier. I've decided to compile a few long haul and short haul destinations that I have been to, as well as some that I am planning to visit.

These recommendations are perfect places to visit solo and offer many unique things to do. Of course this will be determined by current travel advice but they are great locations to explore, once we've got the go ahead.


Senegal is one of the first countries in Africa I visited. It is definitely worth the solo trip there. Senegal also has one of the most stable democracies. That being said here are a few tips to help during your time there. Check with local custom about dress codes, get in touch with local people before arriving (, brush up on your french and trust your intuition.

Now onto things you can do on your trip. There are the war graves. Infamous Goree Island is a must visit due to the vibrancy and history this island holds. Whilst on the island visit House of Slaves, it is a memorial site and museum of the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Pink Lake (Lake Retba) as it says in the name the water is pink and is unlike anywhere you've seen before. The National Bird Sanctuary, breathtaking and gives you the opportunity to go on river boat rides.

The best time of year to travel to Senegal is between November and May.

Pictured: Saly and boats at St Louis, photographs taken by I Montgomery


As scenic as Greece is, it boasts more than just views. Of all the Islands I would recommend Crete, Ios or Naxos, as they all offer unique experiences.

Crete being the largest island, offers nightlife, pretty beaches and plenty of activities and sights. There are many hostels to choose from if you don't want fork out on a hotel. Trek the Samaria Gorge. Take a boat trip to neighbouring islands. Coach tours to explore parts of the island you may not come across on your own.

Ios is an ideal destination for younger travellers, as it offers great daytime partying locations. For those who don't want to party. Ios is home to the sugar cube villages, blue-domed churches and great beaches that you hope for. There are day long excursions available, from boat trips to ATV tours. Fulfilling all of your needs.

Naxos offers a more relaxed style of travelling if you don't want huge crowds. It is home to some of the best beaches in the country. Its charming backstreets filled with wine bars and tavernas give you the laidback holiday feels.

The best time to visit most parts of Greece is late April to early November.

Pictured: A view from the mountains in Crete


Thailand is the quintessential backpackers holiday destination. Of course it made my list. Thailand is extremely beautiful and is home to some of the most incredible architecture.

I would recommend starting off in Bangkok facing the mad rush of it all. Explore the temples, visit the floating markets, watch a cabaret show, eat a fried scorpion! The things to do there are endless.

In Chang Mai, you can find yourself getting up to many exciting activities. From Muay Thai classes, to washing and feeding elephants at an elephant jungle sanctuary. Visit Wat Pha Lat temple and hike there via pilgrims path.

In Koh Lanta, you can guarantee you'll be kayaking. For a chance to give back to the community, you can volunteer to clean up the beach with Trash hero beaches. This takes place at Long beach. Of course you have to visit the beaches to relax as well, and you have Bamboo Bay and Nui Bay particularly. To finish it off why not take a traditional Thai cooking class. Take home a new skill to show off to your friends and family!

The best time to travel to Thailand is between November and early April as this is their cool and dry season.

Pictured: Jazz at Wat Tho Temple and on a boat tour (Bangkok)

Costa Rica

Whilst I was there, I went on a multi-centre tour. Costa Rica is a nature lovers dream.This meant there were three destinations within this trip. Arenal, Monteverde and Guanacaste. This is a great way to get a feel of a country as you get to see more than if you booked to stay in one location. In Arenal we did a volcano hike, on this hike we spotted many species from birds, to apes to sloths. A boat ride on the lake and a day in the hot springs. In Monteverde we did zip lining in the cloud forest, a night tour through the jungle to spot nocturnal animals and a coffee and chocolate tour. The last leg of the tour was in a beach resort in Guanacaste. Outside of these activities, there is a wide variety of things still to do.

The best time to visit is from mid-December to April. This is the dry season.

Pictured: Jazz in front of the Arenal volcano and on a hanging bridge in the Monterverde cloud forest


I have visited Canada quite a few times but somehow have always revisited Vancouver.

Vancouver, BC. - Vancouver is one of the few places in the world which has everything – beaches, the mountains, beautiful nature, and a big city life. Everywhere in the city is easily accessible by public transport or on foot. During your stay take the cable car up to Grouse Mountain. A Harbour cruise where you'll be surrounded by coast mountain ranges, spot the Silver Falls and much more. For some history head to the Museum of anthropology, this museum offers free guided tours. Lastly Lynn Canyon Park, it is smaller than the popular Capilano suspension bridge but it is free! It is also a much quieter walk/hike and has equally if not better views. This was one of my highlights of the trip.

The best time to visit Canada depends on where you're going and what sort of season you want to experience. I'd recommend for summer mid-June to mid-September. For autumn, mid-September to mid-November, and winter mid-November to mid-March.

Pictured: Jazz on a Harbour cruise and at Lynn Canyon Park


If you're still feeling unsure of how you'd get around or what you would like to do. There are plenty of companies (both online or at your destination) offering guided tours of cities. This could be a way of easing yourself into solo travelling with other likeminded people. A plus with this is that you'll always have someone there to take pictures of you.

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