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Inside Body Holiday - St Lucia's Best Choice For A Wellness Retreat

"Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind." - Body Holiday

Set in north St Lucia, Body Holiday is a 4 star Hotel located in Gros Islet. This hotel is your go-to for all things fitness and wellness related. Set up in the hills, this hotel overlooks the sea and 18 acres of tropical gardens, with an activity to do in every corner of the resort. From yoga, to hiking and cycling, from snorkelling, to diving and water-sports. And I can't forget the Wellness Centre aka the spa! The choices are endless.

The hotel also has themed months. Whilst I was there in December, the theme was pre-Christmas restorative break, which featured two Olympians leading fitness classes, hosting dinners and more. In this 'Inside' I will let you in on all the good stuff, from the rooms, to the food, staff and activities.

Luxury Ocean View Room

The room I stayed in during my time at Body Holiday was a luxury ocean view room. This offered a beautiful view and was perfect for sunsets. From this room I was able to see Pigeon Island. The bedroom was clean and really well put together but not the most modern, there was a built-in speaker which you could connect your phone to and have your own little party which I did most mornings and nights. There isn't a television, but I think this is purposely done as it is meant to be a wellness resort. The bed was the most comfortable I've slept in, and you can request pillows to suit your preference. The wardrobe space was a great size with a large safe. The bathroom had a large shower however a bath was very much desired. The toiletries were all Ren skincare. The room also came with personalised water bottles, face masks, hand sanitiser and wipes.


From the moment I arrived I felt welcomed and so comfortable. The staff were some of the most friendly people I have ever met, everyone went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. Every single member of staff came across so genuinely and you could tell they loved what they did around this resort. It was fun to engage in conversation with those I did come in contact to and that alone is enough to make me want to stay there again.


There are six restaurants TAO, Cariblue, Pavilion, Cariblue windows, Wellness Cafe and ITAL however ITAL was closed during the time of my visit. TAO is an asian restaurant which offers a five course menu and every course was delicious. There were three to four options per course to choose from. The portion sizes are perfect, and you definitely leave the restaurant feeling full. The menu also alternates so there are two menus.

Cariblue is open everyday for a buffet breakfast and lunch and a-la carte dinner. There are also times where it is open for a buffet dinner for themed nights. For me personally the dinner menus can be a bit hit or miss. There were nights where there were multiple choices on the menu that I wanted to try, but there were also nights where there wasn't anything to my fancy.

Cariblue Windows is a themed menu restaurant located in the transformed buffet room of Cariblue. It only seats about 6 tables so make sure to book in advance. This changes nightly (the restaurant doesn't open every night) unfortunately the night I had it booked for it was seafood night and I'm not the biggest seafood fan, so I didn't end up eating there but from what I heard from others it's great. There are also four or five courses so like TAO you feel very content when leaving.

The wellness cafe is where you to go get juices, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and bento boxes.

The Pavilion is open for a-la carte lunch, afternoon tea and buffet dinner. The lunch will typically have pizza, pasta, catch of the day and more. The pizza and pasta toppings/sauces change daily. The pavilions lunch can also be served to you on the beach. My favourite lunch was definitely the Saltfish Pizza! You must try it if you decide to stay here. The afternoon tea features around six choices of sweet treats as well as a choice of sandwiches. We went for an outdoor seat, so we could enjoy the last of the sun.


Set in the hills of Gros Islet, the hotel has one of the best unobstructed views. The water isn't the calmest here as there isn't much to soften the impact of the waves, but that won't stop you from enjoying the sea. The water is great for snorkelling as it's so clear. The hotel is about an 8-minute drive from Rodney Bay, a 10-minute drive from Pigeon Island and 25-minute drive from Castries. You can actually see Pigeon Island from the hotel, and on a very clear day after strolling up Mon Sol you can spot Martinique.


Body Holiday boasts a countless number of activities. Outside of the pavilion there is an activity board which is updated daily for the activities taking place. This includes hikes, dance classes, yoga, pilates, water aerobics, snorkelling, bike rides and plenty more. Water sports are also included in your stay with you only having to pay for one to one sessions or more advanced classes. They also offer excursions such as hiking Gros Piton, Island tours and more.

Wellness Centre

During your stay, you have daily 50 minute spa treatments included, however this doesn't include arrival and departure days. Upon arrival you are given your treatment itinerary, which you can amend to fit your schedule. The treatments I had were the Serenity massage, Skin Specific facial, Coconut and Spice Combo, Sizzler Massage and Lucian Ginger and Lime Scrub. These were all free treatments, but they offer plenty more options at an extra cost. Think of the spa as the hotspot of the resort, as well having treatments done here, the gym is located here as is the dance studio.

Nightly Entertainment

Each night I was lucky enough to experience different entertainment. There was a cultural night with dancers and musicians. Another night there were fire dancers, a singer and saxophonist performing and a DJ night. There were nights where a steel pan band accompanied our dinner. The majority of the entertainment was held at the Pavilion. There is also the Piano Bar, which is open till the last person leaves, if you are wanting to hear live music played by a pianist, this is the place for you.

So if you have a trip planned to visit St Lucia, but haven't chosen accommodation yet. I'd highly recommend staying here. As their motto is "Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind."you'll definitely feel rejuvenated by the end of your stay.

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