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Five Step Hotel Room Checklist!

Travelling is a time to experience something new but when you come back to your room you want it to feel like yours. These five steps will make sure you have the most comfortable stay no matter where you're staying. Whether it is in a hotel, hostel or rental apartment, you'll feel at home in no time.


Lightweight indoor slippers/flip flops - This is essential for two reasons. One this means that you have something on your feet when walking around the room for cleanliness. Two it is more sustainable than the flimsy one size fits all disposable slippers that are provided.


Remove decorative pillows and quilts (any bedding that isn't white) - I do this as soon as possible because these are often not washed. Meaning they could be carrying lice and a whole lot of dirt from anyone that has previously used the room.


Bring your own pillowcase - I can be a bit of a germaphobe and because of that I tend to bring my own pillowcase. I have a fear of my pillows being thrown on the floor when they're making the bed, or being touched all over (very irrational). In this case I actually take it off during the day. I place it in a bag, then when I'm going to bed I'll put it back on.


Antibacterial wipes - This is for the likely items that go uncleaned by most establishments. For instance television remotes, light switches, etc. For my own peace of mind I feel I should wipe these down.


Plug adapters - I always bring two one that can fit four USBs and one that is just two plugs. This way you can charge more than one device at a time permitting you have the cables and will cut down waiting time. This is particularly practical for photographers, families, people away on business, etc. Another great idea is bringing an extension cord as it cuts down the amount of adapters you will need.

Do you find yourself completing these steps when staying away from home?

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2 komentáře

Jazz K-M
Jazz K-M
08. 11. 2020

@ianmmarsh I'm glad to hear that! Hopefully you can put what you've learnt into practice once we're free to travel again.

To se mi líbí

Loving the travel Information your sharing you have opened my eyes to the world of travel. Thank you Jazz

To se mi líbí
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