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Four Camera Hacks To Improve Your Photos (iPhone)

Using a phone to capture most pictures has become more popular over time, this is due to it being easier than carrying additional camera equipment. For those who want to quickly improve how their pictures look, keep reading for some tricks that will do just that.

AE/AF Lock

Once you've found the lighting you like on the camera, you hold down on the screen and it will lock this aperture (a yellow box will appear). With this feature, between taking photos your lighting won't constantly change and you won't need to keep adjusting it, which can slow down the process. Once you've locked it you can drag the sun symbol (aperture) up and down for a quick change in the amount of light it's letting in.


Bursts are handy as you can take pictures in quick succession meaning there will be more of a choice to choose from. To activate bursts you need to press and immediately drag the shutter button to the left and keep it held until you've finished capturing the subject.

Live Photos

I prefer to shoot live photos as I can then go through them and see if there are any photos in between each press of the button that I like the look of. You can get around 10 photos from one press of the shutter. You can also turn live photos into videos or boomerangs. To see if your live photos are on, in the top hand corner the ringed symbol shouldn't have a line through it.


This is helpful when it comes to framing your photos as well as positioning people in your images. The rule of thirds comes into play here, this where you line up the focus of the image (person, animal etc.) with the intersectional points of the grid. There are four points where the lines intersect, these are the strongest focal points.

Have these been helpful? Did you already know about these hacks? Let me know in the comments if you have any tips of your own!

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