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Photography Insight: Useful Travel Photography Gadgets!

When travelling we all want to ensure we capture our trips the best way we can for memories and to share with our loved ones. So I have put together a list of both affordable and high end gadgets that I like to take when travelling. Some of these may already be in your kit, some you might have never thought about. It is very rare that I'll need all of these gadgets, so I'll most likely choose two or three from the list below. Keep reading to find out what gadgets I recommend.

Instax mini 70

Instax instant camera - mini, wide, square

For the modern-day social media enthusiasts who live in a moment of needing pictures instantaneously this is for you. This is the camera of instant gratification. Once you've taken a picture it will automatically print out and there you have a print that will be one of a kind.

35mm point and shoot

For those who reminisce on buying that disposable camera in your childhood to take photographs like I do this is for you. This style of camera is straightforward to use and very easy to carry around as they are quite small in size. All you need to do is insert a roll of film, and you're ready to take pictures. This is one of my favourite ways to capture memories as it's a surprise seeing all the pictures at the end once you've finished the roll and had it processed. You can often find these cameras in a local charity shop for a steal so look around for what best suits your needs.

Gopro or action camera adjacent

For the adventurers, this is your dream camera! From skiing, diving to ziplining. This camera is fit for it all. It comes with a waterproof casing to protect your camera from drops, water and anything that could cause it some damage. This style of camera also comes with various additional equipment to be fit for whatever sport/activity you're getting up to.


For the food bloggers, travel bloggers, the photographers and anyone in between, this will be your best friend. To get the best high-quality images of your trips, this is what you will need along with one or two lenses to get the best results. Make sure you have the equipment insured!

Canon 5D Mark II
50mm EF 1.8 Lens


It goes without saying really, a tripod can be very handy so a lightweight one is the best way to go when travelling. The tripod I have can convert into a monopod which is ideal for crowded spaces and are more mobile. My tripod also comes with a mobile phone attachment meaning you can use it for both cameras and smartphones, even if yours doesn't you can easily find additional attachments on Amazon to fit your tripod.

Detachable monopod leg
Adapter for phone

Gimbal/Gimbal camera

For those that want to record/vlog their travels but don't want to carry around large equipment this is for you. A gimbal is essentially a tripod that is on an axis that moves smoothly in order to give you the best looking videos. It removes all the usual jumpy footage and creates a seamless recording. Therefore, the gimbal camera does that, but it is now built into a tiny system which you can connect to your phone to see what you're capturing without taking up the space on your phone. This is great for those that don't want to draw too much attention to themselves as it is very small.

A backpack

Lastly, we need a bag for all this equipment of course! I like to bring an actual photography backpack as it is lined to protect the equipment, it has multiple compartments and also has features like velcro dividers for organisation.

The interior of the mini tog

Do you have any of these in your travel kit?

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