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JOWJ Insider Guide To: Namibia

We're back with the second instalment of a new series in which I virtually sit down with my friends who are currently living or grew up in different countries. I thought it would be a great way to get their insights in to what they would recommend for tourists. From untouched gems, emerging artists to food hot spots and so much more. Keep reading to hear what Sam has to say about his home country of Namibia.

Christuskirche, Windhoek Unsplash©

Let's start out easy, what is one fact that people may not know about Namibia?

"For starters, many people outside of this region don’t even know about the existence our country. It’s the one place where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean."

The desert meeting the ocean, Unsplash©

You're living in the capital Windhoek, tell us what it's like!

"Well, with a population of just over 300,000 people, it’s not as busy as other major capitals in the world. However, there’s a certain pace at which life is lived over here. There are plenty of hills, so your clutch control has to be immaculate if you’re planning on driving here and it's always sunny!"

What is your favourite part about living in Namibia?

"It’s difficult for me to pick one aspect, so here are a few:"

- The way of life. It’s not too difficult to live a beautiful life. We have some of the best roads in the whole of Africa, decent medical care and wonderful meat.

- The wide parking spaces

- The sunsets

Show us your favourite picture you've taken in or around Windhoek!

A street in Windhoek during sunset

Sossusvlei Unsplash©

What are some must see attractions in Namibia for tourists?

"A trip to the coast is a must. That’s where you can really see the ocean and the dunes."

- Etosha national park is legendary!

- The Fish River Canyon

- Skeleton coast

- Sossusvlei

"Just a few off the top of my head."

Etosha National Park Unsplash©

That being said is there anywhere we should avoid?

"The minds of the NDF officers"

One of the dishes you must try: Kapana

What's a traditional dish we must try when visiting?

"Well, there are many tribes in our country, each with their own specific traditional delicacies."

"With that being said, these are my top three"

- Pap n vleis (fufu and meat combo)

- You could also go for a favourite of mine which is Kapana. It’s a sort of barbecued beef cut into strips, which is served with Kapana spice and Salsa.

- Potjiekos, a stew which is cooked outdoors in a cast iron, three-legged cauldron.

"But why not try them all?"

Right, so we've got food sorted! Teach us a phrase that could come in handy!

"I'll give you some easy ones that you'll definitely use."

- Aweh (a kind of affirmation)

- Aye (no)

- Neh (yes, affirmative)

To round things off, shout out a local business, artist, musician, etc.

"To name a few"

- Osh-med International for all of your first-aid/Emergency services as well as COVID-19 testing.

- CJC Agricultural centre and college.

- ByTanyaradzwa, for trendy and affordable sunglasses, delivered to your doorstep.

- KP Illest, possibly our best newly established artist.

This was fun! Thank you for being a part of this series!

To close this out I'll leave you with some photos taken by our Insider Sam!

Sunset Skyline of Windhoek
Windhoek Country Club
Klein, Windhoek

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