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My Six Top Tips To Save Money When Booking Holidays!

In this post I will be letting you in on all the tips I use when booking trips and holidays. These have always been my go to, so I believe they will be beneficial to you as well.

1. Search for discount codes

For the website you're booking on, a quick google browse for a discount code can save you a cheeky 10% or even £50. Many times when I've been booking holidays I've always made sure to see if the site I'm booking on is offering a current discount code. 9 times out of 10 they are.

2. Use Sky Scanner

This is quite an obvious one, but this site accesses flights from numerous travel sites to find you the best deal and provides a quick way to compare and make a decision.

3. Compare prices of flight and hotel packages as well as separately

It always pays off to check if it works out cheaper buying a flight and hotel package in one go or looking at if it works out cheaper to book them separately through two different websites.

Left to right - Hotel booking, Flight booking and Package booking.

4. Look on the hotel's company website

Some hotels may offer discounts for first time members on their site, and they often do deals for an extra night stay free of charge.

5. Try Air BnB

Renting a property rather than staying in a hotel, means more privacy and you can often get a better deal for your money, although you will have to make your own meals if you're not going to a restaurant, it can keep costs down.

6. Package or Multi Centre holidays

If you don't want the stress of planning the tours and excursions, meals and transport whilst abroad. Have a look at companies that offer multi centre holidays or include tours in the package. This can save time and money whilst you're away as you'll have a booking in advance. In addition, package holidays offer extra legal protection.


7. Private browsing

A bonus tip is to make sure you browse on a private window if you are not ready to book right there and then. This stops sites from tracking your cookies and increasing the price when you go back to look at it/book again.

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1 Comment

Great tips Jazz!

I definitely notice travel sites put prices up when you are comparing over tabs so will def use that tip about private window viewing.

Also my husband & I are Airbnb Super hosts & we will always use these types of accommodation when we travel as they are definitely worth the money!

Keep up the great work!

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