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My Go-To Mobile Photo Editing Apps! And They're Free!

Editing photos has become somewhat of a norm even for a quick snapshot of where you are. Someone is always guaranteed to throw on a filter or edit out a person, etc. So I'm going to let you in on my go-to editing apps on my phone.

All of these apps I use are free. They have the option to become premium with a payment plan, but I find that I can do all the necessary editing I need with the basic settings provided in their free versions.

This app I typically use to fix the colours of my photos, adjusting the brightness, etc. Something handy about this app is you can create your own or download other peoples presets. You can find a lot of presets online for free. This you can apply to any picture, which means your editing time will be cut down considerably. If you apply a preset to your picture and you don't feel as though it works you can easily go back through the lighting/colour adjustments and move them around until you get your preferred image. This is also ideal for those with a theme. It's a way for all of your images to marry together.

Below you can see I have made minor adjustments by just adding a filter which has muted the vibrant parts of the picture. The blues of the tiles have deepened as has the blue tint of the sunglasses. However the browns in the picture have been enhanced creating a warmer feel to the skin and surrounding area.

With this app I mainly use it to remove unwanted objects in my photos. For instance if you take a picture on a street which has a lot of gum stains, you can quickly remove these with the healing tool, or a stain on your clothes, a spot on your face, a person similarly you can do the same thing.

Below I have done a quick edit to show it doesn't take very long once you've got the hang of it. Try not being a perfectionist or you'll be at it for hours.

This app is a quick way to resize images to fit the social media site you're posting to. My favourite setting to use is resizing it to Instagrams ideal size then putting a blurred version of the same image behind it. This draws more attention to the picture and also means you won't have to crop the image when uploading it.

An idea of how I might do that is below. It is all down to personal preference. If you want a certain border theme, it's very straightforward and it's a way to keep all of your images in sync on your social media site.

What is your go to editing app for photos? Do you find editing photos necessary?

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