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Three Restaurants To Eat At In Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is home to thousands of restaurants, making it difficult to pick somewhere to eat when you only have a short amount of time there. So I've decided to let you in on my three favourite and well picked restaurants from my stay in Dubrovnik. The three restaurants I ate at for dinner were all incredible and offered a great variety of dishes, meaning there is something for everyone. With fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, you won't be disappointed.

A very quaint but highly regarded restaurant located in Old Town Dubrovnik with few tables, they have five tables out side and four inside so make sure to book in advance.

This restaurant was such a delight to eat at, not only were the staff friendly but the food was delicious. I had seen talks of this restaurant on Instagram and knew I had to give it a go. I had the beef pasta, whilst my travel buddy had the truffle and shrimp pasta and shared a chocolate lava cake. From start to finish I enjoyed my visit to Trattoria Carmen and highly recommend for those craving a bit of freshly made pasta.

Located also in old town Dubrovnik, this restaurant boasts the feeling of being in home like atmosphere. The menu is derived from the mix of inter-knitted cultures and the love of food and traditional family meal settings.

Another favourite of mine, with this restaurant there is much more seating but still make sure to book because it is jam packed of a night. This menu is much larger than you'd expect ensuring there is something for everyone down to dietary needs. With all the choices you'd want to go in a group so you can try as much of the food as possible. I went for the Cevapi, a meal I had been excited to try since first seeing the menu.

The meat was beautifully cooked, and the bread was crisped to perfection. My travel buddy went for the Taj Mahal special, which is veal, chicken, mushrooms and cheese in puff pastry. For dessert I went for the baklava with ice cream whilst my travel companion chose the Tufahija, which is a baked apple with cream, walnuts and caramel.

This restaurant is a little way out of the centre of Dubrovnik but it is so worth it because of the atmosphere and the serenity of the area. The restaurant is located on an ancient mill, which you can still see the remnants of it now as you enjoy your meal.

Whilst this restaurant is further away, the flavours and the style of cooking is out of this world. Paired with the tranquil environment this is a must visit. Do make sure to wrap up in something warm as it does get quite chilly this high up in the mountains, especially in the evening. We had booked this in advance as we didn't know how busy it would be but when we turned up it was relatively quiet which wasn't an issue for us. I went for the grilled duck breast with potato croquettes and some sort of grain, whilst my travel companion chose the Dubrovnik style stewed beef.

That sums up my post, I hope you've enjoyed my selection of restaurants and if you do decide to visit Dubrovnik that you try these restaurants for yourself. If you do go or have been before I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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