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Eight Budget Friendly Countries To Add To Your List!

I know we've all had the desire to travel at some point, then we start to think about the costs and whether it is possible with the budget we have. I'm here to show you that it is a possibility. Within this post I will share destinations that are all incredibly budget friendly and ready to give you an amazing story to share with friends.

First let's start with the three questions that you should ask yourself and that I ask myself every time I want to travel;

  1. Are the prices suited to your budget?

  2. Is it safe and will you be able get around easily?

  3. Am I ready to have a once in a lifetime experience?

The answer to these questions will help deciding on your starting point.

It's entirely possible to live on anywhere between £10-£45 a day while travelling depending on where in the world you are, and to still fully experience each place.A good website for booking activities, transportation and more is Klook, they are often reasonably priced and there's a wide variety to choose from.

Of course, this should come with a disclaimer that where you are located in the world will impact the prices and how you view it as budget friendly. It's up to you to make that call on whether you are willing to spend that little more just to get to the country. However once in the destination they are budget friendly to all.


South East Asia

South East Asia is always mentioned when thinking of budget friendly places to travel and for good reason. This following group of countries offer you cheap accommodation, local food and transportation, for as little as £10 - £18 a day. Conveniently they are next to each other. You'll be able see amazing places like Bangkok, Hanoi and Angkor Wat.


Although prices increase yearly in Vietnam it still remains relatively cheap and your daily budget will fall between £35-£50. There any many things to do in each city and these all vary in price but activities can start around a couple of pounds. What's also good to note is that it may be cheaper to book activities in person, always look online beforehand to keep as a comparison to what they offer.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam


Thailand is probably one of the most visited countries in relation to being budget friendly and here's why. Traveling during low season, which is between April and September offer big price drops. To get from one place to the next, take overnight buses, not only does this save on accomodation fees, you don't miss out on any days. Thailand is full of beautiful attractions, and many are free to visit or have very low entrance fees. The culture and history of Thailand make it a must visit if you stop off in South East Asia. You can spend as much as £35 a day.

Bangkok, Thailand
Phang Nga Bay, Thailand


Cambodia is definitely considered the most affordable of the three, it's also beautiful. The locals are incredibly hospitable, and you can get an air conditioned room at a hotel for less than £17 a night. Street food for less than £1.50 and transportation across the country for around £20. Cambodia has a rich history and there is so much to learn about the culture and the impact events that happened not to long ago have affected the country today.

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap, Cambodia


North/Central America

Visiting most Central American countries you can get by on as little as £40 a day. If you want to splurge that bit more £60 a day will get you a little bit of luxury. It is worth keeping in mind that Costa Rica and Panama are the more expensive countries so your money might not stretch as far in those destinations.


Mexico is a very popular tourist destination and with the wide array of cities and towns that all offer something unique. You are spoilt for choice. There have been concerns over it being dangerous. This shouldn't be a worry as long you stay in locations that are popular for tourists.

Quintana Roo, Mexico
Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Mexico


Nicaragua is home to beach side hostels that start at just under £5 a day, and you can find delicious street food from local vendors for around £3. Avoiding tourist restaurants will keep your budget intact. To get from place to place the buses are affordable and prices range from £1-£4 depending on the length of the journey.

Leon, Nicaragua - Unsplash
Volcan El Hoyo, Leon, Nicaragua - Unsplash



African countries aren't the most budget friendly when you take into consideration the expense of needing to apply for visas. A lot of places can also be quite remote, which make them hard to get to and this can really add up with the cost of transportation. However, there is the exception of one country.


Morocco is probably one of the most inexpensive African countries to visit and a little goes a long way. Staying in Riads offer you luxury but at a fraction of the price of staying in a hotel. These guesthouses are often beautifully designed with an interior garden. Your budget can fall anywhere between £50-60 per day.

Tangier, Morocco

Ouzoud, Morocco


Europe has always been a must visit destination for tourists from all over the world, due to its appeal for all tastes and interests. From historical monuments to miles of sandy beaches with blue coast lines to mountain trails. It boasts a new experience everywhere you go. However, most of Europe can be relatively expensive especially the more popular countries like Greece, the Netherlands and France. The lesser-known countries offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences just as much.


Bulgaria is one country in Europe that is largely undiscovered by tourists, it offers almost everything the popular western countries offer but at a fraction of the price. In the off season you can ski, eat and travel around the country for very little money. Hotels often offer free breakfast and shuttle in the off-season meaning you have little to worry about with transportation costs. If you are a fan of Hiking Bulgaria offers breathtaking views and these can often have free entry.

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
River Danube, Russe, Bulgaria

Rome, Italy


Although seen as an expensive location, Italy is in fact one of the cheapest of the western european countries. With a really good public transport system there is no need for taxis which will cut your costs. Staying in an Airbnb is a must here as it means you can prepare your own meals, which will be a fraction of the price as sitting in a restaurant. The local markets are bustling with fresh bread, cheese and sweet treats which will make a perfect on the go snack.

Florence, Italy

Let me know in the comments, have you been to any of these countries? Is there somewhere you travelled that you were surprised by how affordable it was? I would love to know!

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